POP MART brings something new to Oxford Street

24 June 2024

A collectibles delight, POP MART is the latest opening on Oxford Street. Never heard of the brand? This will soon change! POP MART is growing rapidly with its unique offering – figures and toys exclusively designed in collaboration with artists. With weekly drops on a Friday, demand for POP MART’s designer products is soaring.

To celebrate the launch, POP MART’s grand opening invited fans, trendsetters and curious shoppers to explore the stores diverse product range, immersing them in the world of trendy collectibles. To mark the launch of POP MART’s UK flagship, limited edition figures were available to purchase, including SKULLPANDA, CRYBABY x Powerpuff Girls, LABUBU Macaron series and more!

Looking ahead, POP MART has big plans to offer further limited edition toys and figures exclusive to the Oxford Street store, so be sure to keep an eye out on what’s coming up! What are you waiting for? Head over to POP MART and step into different world at 262 Oxford Street.