Twist Museum of illusions opens on Oxford Street

16 November 2022

Twist Museum Oxford Street

Experience a playground for your perceptions on Oxford Street

Twist Museum has officially opened on Oxford Street and we couldn’t be more excited! Developed in collaboration with artists, neuroscientists and philosophers, Twist is home to thrilling, interactive exhibits that explore how illusions work. It’s a London first, right here on our high street.

Step into mind-altering rooms, get up close and personal with unexpected illusions and discover how your brain interprets reality. There are over 60 exhibits from some of illusions’ most celebrated names and whole rooms devoted to bringing these illusions to life. The ‘Ames Room’ – pioneered by physics researcher Adelbert Ames Jr. – replicates the effects of shrinking while the ‘Sound Lab’ lets you unlock the extrasensory powers of your ears. And in the kaleidoscope room you can enter an ever-changing space that reflects, refracts and reacts to your presence.

Twist explores – and puts to the test – the power of your mind in experiencing the world around you. Can you see colours that aren’t there? Do you always know which way is up? Can a corridor go on forever? You’ll have to find out for yourself! Book your ticket now and be one of the first to visit London’s home of illusions.