23 April 2021

Selfridges has pledged to help change the way we shop – their commitment is so strong they’ve even emblazoned the message on the front of their Oxford Street store.

Inside the store you’ll find loads of cool things all under the banner of its Project Earth programme, which gives you new ways to shop that are not just more earth-conscious, they’re a whole new way to explore and experiment at Selfridges. Whether you want to rent an outfit for a special occasion, repair your most-loved accessories or find a unique pre-loved fashion treasure to love forever – they’ve got it all.

The latest addition is RESELLFRIDGES, where you can shop one-of-a-kind pre-loved pieces, which help to close the loop on waste. For Earth Day 2021 find pre-loved outdoors wear and a range of consciously crafted outdoors accessories. Helping you to both protect and reconnect with nature in one swoop.