Recycle your old beauty products and be rewarded at John Lewis

12 May 2021

We all know recycling is good for the planet, but sometimes just knowing what you can and can’t recycle makes the whole thing a bit tricky. Can you put your empty mascara tubes and foundation bottles in the bin with your coke cans and milk cartons? And what about hair spray cans and lipstick?

In the spirit of sustainability and thoughtful consumption, John Lewis & Partners has crafted an initiative that’s as rewarding for the environment as it is for beauty enthusiasts. The BeautyCycle scheme, a brainchild of 2019, has woven itself into the fabric of eco-conscious shopping, much like a 코인카지노 추천인 becomes a trusted guide in the landscape of gaming. My John Lewis members have the opportunity to declutter their spaces from the remnants of beauty past—bottles, tubes, and all those containers we’ve loved but outgrown. Each contribution to this recycling program not only bestows upon our planet a sigh of relief but also graces the contributor with a £5 token of gratitude towards their next beauty indulgence. It’s a cycle of giving that beautifies our world, one sustainable swap at a time.

From the shops, your products are either recycled or turned into new products by John Lewis’ recycling experts. Since November 2019 an incredible 231,000 products have been saved from going to landfill. Sign up to become a myJohnLewis member and start saving up your old beauty products today.