Give The Love Back
Is there someone you know who deserves a special treat this year? Whether they've helped you personally or their community more widely, it’s time to give the love back.

From 21 October 2022, we're giving six individuals the Star of the Week treatment, which includes a £500 Oxford Street voucher and a magical experience with one of our brands. There's something for everyone, from a relaxing salon treatment at Dyson to a VIP experience at Swingers Crazy Golf. So, what are you waiting for?
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Paloma Welsh

We supply to various pubs in London, and she is the only person to remember our names, always greets us with a smile, a chat and a cuppa, she is kind hearted to the core. We see her interact with her team and it’s all smiles, laughter and high fives, they clearly love her, but more than that respect her. Other than just her general positivity, she is always getting involved in the community, she donates things to fund raisers and raffles and finds new ways to help people, whether it’s letting them hang out in the warmth in her pub or just listening to them, and actually making them feel heard. She is currently organising a food drive for a local foodbank and collecting winter clothes for those in need. I have no doubt she’s probably donating half of her wardrobe in this, so it would be lovely to be able to let her restock her own winter clothes. She is a role model and it deserves to be recognised.

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Marco Biagioli

Marco Biagioli is a star every single day, every nanosecond of my life and he makes everyone around him happy by talking to them, listening and sharing ...

Kathryn Bailey

Because my mum is a star ! She is 54 and is re-training to be a physician associate , so she can help more people in need . This meant having ...

Charlie Johns

He has single handedly, moved me and my child into our new place after being made homeless. He looks after us and deserves to be recognised. He's ...

Amanda Askar

My mum had a stroke earlier in the year. She’s always put everyone and everything before her, will help anyone who needs it at the drop ...

Suzanne Doney

I’m nominating my lovely mum for being SO strong whilst my grandma (her mum) is battling dementia.

She’s recently moved into a carehome ...

Neha gandesha

I would like to nominate my wife Neha. Since October she has gone through such a terrible time with her health from having her thyroid removed due ...

Sue Hickey

My fabulous mum is a shining star! Just two days before Christmas last year she found out she had breast cancer. She's undergone chemo, radiotherapy and a ...

Sarah Robinson

I’m nominating my wonderful sister Sarah. Life hasn’t been easy as she brings up her two teenage boys by herself. She always tries to stay ...