It’s Time for Clean Power

09 August 2022


Clean Power Morag Myerscough

Image: David Parry/PA Wire

We’re flying the flag for clean power, an exciting campaign founded by #TOGETHERBAND, to encourage the switch to renewable energy.

Noticed the explosion of colourful flags above Oxford Street? The aerial art installation features hundreds of flags with the words ‘TIME FOR CLEAN POWER’. The vibrant flags, made from recycled ocean plastic, are on display for the next month. Catch them before they embark on a world tour to Japan, the US, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

This art installation has been designed by contemporary British artist, Morag Myerscough. She’s known for transforming public spaces with her bold outdoor installations and positive messaging. This is also the first time that we’ve had flags curated by an artist.

Want to join the clean power revolution? Get your hands on your own digital artwork by Morag for only £3. All proceeds will support two vital London-based projects: a community solar rooftop initiative and the creation of a new woodland. And if you’re looking for simple ways to save on your energy bills, read on for #TOGETHERBAND’s top tips:

5 Easy Energy-Saving Tips:
  • Watch your water
Making only one cuppa? Then check you’re only topping up your kettle with one cup of water, otherwise you’re using energy to boil water you don’t need.
  • Be a selective washer
Clothes need washing way less than you think. When you do decide to put a wash on, make sure you fill up the drum as much as possible so you won’t need to do multiple last-minute washes.
  • Cool wash for a cool planet
Opt for a temperature of 30 degrees. 90% of a washing machine’s energy usage is spent on heating the water so cooler washes make a huge difference.
  • Light up, stay green
LEDs for the win! Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LEDs use approximately 75% less energy.
  • Unplug anything you’re not using
Chargers that aren’t connected to anything but still switched on at the wall are key offenders here, making you waste small amounts of electricity, which all adds up over time.