Selfridges Launches Experiential Shop of the Future

11 April 2022

Selfridges is reimagining retail with the launch of a four-week experiential exhibition called ‘Supermarket’ inside its Oxford Street store – and you’re invited to explore!

What can only be described as a creative playground, Selfridges’ new concept store Supermarket shows how 3D-printing, cutting-edge materials and sustainable innovation come together to bring future-facing fashion, art and food to all. Want a bespoke handbag in a hurry? Watch 3D-printing robots in action creating everything from stylish accessories to plant-based steaks. Marvel at pioneering products like diamonds made from captured C02 and homeware forged from recycled ocean plastic. Incredible, right?

Selfridges’ Oxford Street windows also bring to life imaginings of the future, inspired by our future generations. The playful window displays in collaboration with designer, Shona Heath, include children’s wild and wonderful answers to questions about the future, from ‘clothes that grow with you’ to ‘houses that could fly’.

Supermarket runs until 30 April 2022 and its aim of opening the conversation around responsible ways of shopping is ongoing. The initiative coincides with Oxford Street’s own Beyond Now sustainability campaign that highlights the positive changes both brands and individuals are making to create a brighter future for our planet.

What are you waiting for? Shop the future at Supermarket today.