Selfridges – BEYOND NOW

30 March 2022

 Selfridges Sustainable services, providing you multiple ways to shop more responsibly – without losing any of that familiar Selfridges sparkle!

A pioneer in this space Selfridges offers a host of new and exciting  experiences with circularity at their heart. Now, you can refill your favourite beauty products, rent an outfit for a special occasion, buy pre-loved collections, repair your most-treasured items, upcycle love-worn garments and wedding dresses and source that dream vintage piece, all at Selfridges.


Curated by expert buyers, Selfridges Rental helps you rent your favorite styles from leading designers and brands! By shopping Selfridges Rental, you’re helping to pave the way towards a brighter future for fashion and and close the loop on waster as part of its Project Earth initiative.


The thrill of finding one-of-a-kind pre-loved designer piece you’ve’ been searching for is like no other! That’s why Selfridges are making it easier than ever to both shop and sell extraordinary fashion and accessories with RESELLFRIDGES a fabulously curate range of authenticated pre-loved and resold pieces…

Discover more about how you can help close the loop on waste and recirculate fashion with these innovative shopping platforms here.