Primark – Beyond Now

16 September 2021

Primark Launches Their How Change Looks Campaign!

Primark  pledges to make more sustainable choices affordable for all

The brand has been working to become a more sustainable and ethical business for over 10 years but it has just unveiled a series of new commitments designed to reduce fashion waste by ensuring it’s clothes are made from recycled or more sustainable materials and recyclable by design, reduce carbon emissions across the value chain and work to improve the lives of the people who make its clothes.

Under Primark’s new commitments, the brand will expand its Sustainable Cotton Programme, already the largest of its kind in the fashion industry, improve the durability of its clothing so it can be loved and worn for longer and it will also eliminate single-use plastics in its own operations, building on the more than 500 million items removed already.

Visit Primark today to see these changes in action!