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The Exclusive #OXST Watch at Swatch


It’s BIGGER, it’s NEWER, it’s BOLDER. With a brand new makeover covering 484 sq ft, the Swatch Flagship store on Oxford Street in London is the new modern digitised concept store for the brand. It displays LED and specially designed screens for Swatch x You, the most customisable watch in the market, driving customer engagement and brand awareness.



The new space offers a contemporary and innovative retail environment accommodating approximately 700 different watches across the store, creating a brand immersive atmosphere that allows consumers to touch and try on the product.



To boost the big revamp, Swatch have created an ultra-limited edition watch, #SWATCHOXST, with only 313 units produced to celebrate their location at 313 Oxford Street, London. Whats more, as a Swatch staple they offer batteries for life as well as a two year international guarantee.

RRP: £77


Where: 313 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2HR