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Selfridges Very Own Giant Yellow Slide


Selfridges have taken the idea of sliding into the new decade quite literally and opened a new cafe which features a big, twisting, two-story slide for all customers to use (yes – it’s fit for adults!).

New Ground is an ethical coffee shop which trains and employs ex-offenders from the Thames Valley area with an aim of reducing re-offending rates. There are 10 varieties of coffee on the menu, all of which are made from an exclusive Selfridges blend. One coffee even has the option for a shot of CBD oil for those needing some additional zen. Fancy a sweet treat? Hot chocolate and pastries are also available and trust us – they’re delicious!

If the slide is not enough, the pop-up is doing its bit for the planet too. All coffee cups are recyclable and can be made into Selfridges paper shopping bags!

The pop-up is conveniently located on the ground floor it opens at 7.30am on weekdays so you must pop by before work for a coffee and a slide!