Aqua Kyoto has launched its new Ikigai Menu and encourages you to contemplate and celebrate your ‘Reason For Being’.

aqua kyotoIkigai-main courses

Literally translating into ‘a reason for being’, or ‘purpose in life’, ikigai is hailed as the alternative to 2017’s trend hygge, the concept of finding contentment in cosiness and slowing down, ikigai instead encourages one to strive towards a more purposeful lifestyle. Ikigai has been exercised in Japan for years by communities who attribute their long and fulfilled lives to this philosophy.

Delve into three-courses from this special menu which includes dishes that are perfectly balanced and incorporate a ‘root to leaf’ cooking method, so no ingredient goes to waste along with a cocktail and a Japanese sweet box for £30.

Try dishes such a Wild seaweed salad with nori oil and black goma dressing to start, where every part of the seaweed plant is used to make this dish, and others on the menu. Or for the main course, enjoy Cobia, a firm and flavourful fish, similar to swordfish, with soy mustard glaze and avocado sancho purée.

While you dine, Aqua Kyoto also invites you to contemplate your Ikigai and share it by writing your wishes on wishing cards and hanging them on the Ikigai tree located in the dining room.

aqua kyoto Ikigai -ikigai tree 1