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Introducing Renaissance: a Meditation on Fragrance Treatment at Lush Spa


Are you looking for a pamper? Well… look no further than Lush Spa and their fantastic new treatment!

On Friday 14th February 2020, Lush will launch Renaissan​ce (£75.00 f​or 40 mins), a  meditation on fragrance that aims to provide clients with complete escape, transporting  them to a different place, time and reality with guided meditation through the power of  perfume and touch.

Lush therapists release emotions being held onto by the body through reflex points. Once cleared, the therapist delivers positive affirmations to help the client move forward, release and let go. Perfume, prescribed according to individual need, is layered up to maintain a point of focus as the music guides the client deeper into meditation.

Inspired by the art, culture and medicinal use of perfume in Renaissance Italy, this bespoke treatment calms the central nervous system as the therapist holds space for the client allowing the body to be brought back into balance. Further benefits include improved quality of sleep and clarity of thought and mind.

Available in LUSH Spa Oxford Street, vouchers for the treatment will be available online from ​​ and in Lush shops from Friday 7th February.

This is a must visit this new year. Get yourself booked in quick!