Dr. Martens X Sex Pistols


Anarchic. Irreverent. Rebellious. The Dr. Martens X Sex Pistols Collab is coming!  Everything about Sex Pistols, from the joyous profanity of their lyrics to the DIY aesthetic of their clothing challenged the establishment and the clean-cut world of pop. This is a band that so perfectly captured and channeled the essence of the non-conformist Dr. Martens spirit. And just as Docs were adopted by subcultures, as was the Sex Pistols. It makes for a perfect collaboration between fashion and music. Launching on the 1st Feb, head to the Oxford Street store to find your punk side.

Inspired by the iconic album artwork of Jamie Reid, the styles are emblazoned with lyrics from the song Pretty Vacant. The black and white colouring of these Docs is uplifted by neon pink and vibrant yellow – giving raucous expression to the everlasting rebel attitude.