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Brush Up On Your Art Skills With Lush


#LushLabs at Lush have launched the Bath Art collection in-store on Oxford Street. Who said bathing has to be boring?


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Bubble Brushes £5.95 each

Whether you’re already a seasoned artist or just like to paint by numbers, these new #BathArt reusable bubble brushes from Lush’s artful splodgers are sure to make a Big Splash in your bathroom.

Think you know bubble bath? It’s your Turner to easle your way into a new way of bathing. If you’ve been Emin and aahing about about going plastic free it’s time to get out of your bed and get into the bathroom to see what the fuss is all about!

Can’t decide which one to go for? As the saying goes – different strokes for different folks, which is why there’s a pallet of three colours to choose from. Mint Bubble Brush adds icy blue streams through your bath with peppermint and sweet wild orange oils. Candy Bubble Brush creates a vibrant pink with a sweet candy fluff scent while Lemon Bubble Brush creates swishes of zesty lemony bubbles and bright yellow bath waters as lime and sweet wild orange oils refresh.

How to use:

Take your brush and hold under running water to get the bubbles going. When the bath is covered in a blanket of bubbles your canvas awaits! Dip the brush into the water before gliding it over the foam, dip and flick, stroke and splash, then sit back and relax as you admire your masterpiece.


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I’m forever blowing bubbles reusable bubble bar £6.95 each

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Run your bath just right, hop in and have some fun. Swirl and swish this reusable bubble bar through the water to build your foam before using it to blow bubbles for no other reason than it’s just good clean fun. Let the grapefruit and Sicilian lemon oils run riot, spreading cheer and happiness as uplifting lime oil makes you feel light and carefree. Blowing bubbles needn’t be kept behind closed bathroom doors, as long as you have your bubble wand and some water, you have bubbles! Grab your favourite mug or jug, fill with water, swish and blow! No plastic, no waste, no worries.


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Pink Petitgrain bubble spinner £7.50 each

For a couple of hours, lay back and indulge in pink waters covered in soft, fluffy bubbles. Calming petitgrain oil works its wonders on worries and cares, the woody scent evoking images of summer walks through citrus groves. Meanwhile, refreshing grapefruit oil lifts moods high above the clouds of the day, bringing with it memories of breakfasts taken on warm, sunlit verandas. Hold this flower under running water and let it spin and build bubbles before breathing deeply and allowing yourself to be transported away on a cheerful, summer breeze.


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Honey Drips bath oil £4.95 each

First comes the sultry jasmine, floral and evocative, then comes the rich, soothing honey, dripping slow. Place this melting masterpiece into a hot bath and allow the Fair Trade organic cocoa and organic shea butter to sink in, softening skin. After a busy day of creating art and splashing paint, the soft pink pallette will keep you feeling mellow, reassuring vanilla absolute easing worries as romantic, enchanting jasmine absolute and a hint of grounding, earthy sandalwood oil complete this peace de résistance.