24 hour free suit hire from H&M

22 April 2021

First impressions open doors. But buying a new suit for every job interview isn’t doable for most of us. H&M has made this possible with ONE/SECOND/SUIT, the brand new service offering 24 hours free suit hire.

H&M make it simple: Book the suit. They deliver it. You smash the interview. You return the suit. All free. Job done!

However you wear the suit, you can hold your head up high.


They’ve even shared some confidence hacks for your next interview:

1. Be early. Give yourself the time you need to arrive calm, collected and at your best.

2. Interviewing online? Test out your mic. Your camera. Check your background gives the right impression.

3. Know your interviewer’s name. Use it. And remember to look them in the eye.

4. Have an opinion. No one’s expecting you to have all the answers. But they will want to know what you think about the job, the company and the industry.

5. Really want this job? Say so. Being direct is a sign you know what you want in life.