Fendi Caffe at Selfridges

07 December 2020

fendi caffe bar


Exclusive Fendi Caffe at Selfridges London

The Italian fashion house Fendi has taken over Selfridges’ champagne bar, The Fount. Transforming this ground floor bar into a powder pink and striking yellow instagram heaven, inspired by Fendi’s holiday collection.

fendi caffe cappuccino

The 14-seat pop up cafe serves an exclusive curated menu of custom Fendi cocktails and champagne in FF decorated flutes as well as a selection of coffees and sweet and savoury bites. There’s pink peppercorn popcorn, beetroot crisps and FF-shaped shortbreads and parmesan slides brought to you by waiters in black logo aprons.

fendi caffe glasses

The FENDI CAFFE will be at Selfridges until January 2021. So why not stop by Selfridges for the signature FF decorated cappuccino, exclusively on Oxford Street.