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Running Do’s and Don’ts by Adidas


Adidas, in partnership with Runtastic, have come up with an essential guide for runners – both beginners and fanatics!

So, what are the Do’s?

  1. Start slowly
    Motivation and excitement can mean that you get carried away from the beginning. Running too fast or attempting long distances before you’re ready won’t benefit your fitness in the slightest. Take it easy to begin with and make sure you’re able to hold a conversation whilst running.
  2. Mix it up
    Running the same route at the same pace whilst listening to the same soundtrack won’t make you productive! Try something new and see the strength of your workouts improve. Running in a group instead of alone or swapping from a morning session to an evening one are ways to stay interested.
  3. Rest, rest, rest!
    It may seem like conflicting advice, but scheduling rest days is so important to your routine. Rest encourages your body to heal and stops you feeling constantly exhausted.

And the Don’ts?

  1. Eat too much before a session
    Making unhealthy food choices will only slow you down! Fatty, spicy and high-fibre foods aren’t a good idea before a work out. Learn how to fuel your body correctly and choose healthy alternatives such as a banana or bowl of porridge.
  2. Skip the warm-up
    Doing this is just asking for trouble. A warm up prepares your body for the workout ahead. Skip it and you’re risking injury and super sore muscles the next day!
  3. Wear-out your trainers
    It may be surprising, but even running shoes that cost the earth eventually wear-out. Of course, this depends on your weight, height, workout style, shoe size etc. To get the most out of your workout sessions, replace your trainers every 300 miles.

Runtastic have an amazing tip for keeping the last point in check – the integrated shoe tracking feature on their app!

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