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H&M’s ‘Scentsational’ Perfume Collection

Our fave high street hero H&M has just announced the launch of its delicious perfume collection. With 25 different scents there’s something to suit everyone’s fragrance fancy!
Some people have the scent. The one that other’s will smell and no matter where or when or how long it has been, will instantly conjure an image of them in their mind – purely from the smell. Some people treat perfume like an accessory, changing it up with every new season or occasion. No matter what type of fragrance wearer you are, H&Ms new collection will have you clearing space on your shelf. Starting at £3.99 – these 25 new scents have something for everyone.

From the 16th of August, 25 different scents will be available at H&M, providing a library of opportunity for everyone to find their scent. The new collection has been created in collaboration with one of the world’s leading perfume houses, Givudan, and will be available at the Oxford Street stores.
There are three groups in H&M’s Wardrobe of Fragrance. The Singles perfume group carries 10 different scents that focus on a single note – featuring vanilla, chocolate and yuzu. The Reveries, which can be bought in both eau de toilette and body mist, are blended fragrances that evoke experience and emotion – with Freewheeling, Sparks Will Fly, and Above The Clouds featuring in the set of 10. The Essences Range are slightly more complex, built around a key ingredient of the nest quality, such as sandalwood, patchouli or rose, and come as either an eau de perfum or as a roll on perfume oil.

Sara Wallander, Concept Designer for H&M Beauty told Vogue exclusively: “We did not want to narrow it down to a specific customer, occasion, style or taste. The fragrances are targeting different tastes, and all the ingredients are of high quality.”
Clear some space on your shelf now, as at all under £20, there’s most likely a fragrance out there for you from H&M’s colourful and evocative game-changing collection.