Three New Burgers to Try at Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Here Until June


Gourmet Burger Kitchen are making April great with the launch of its brand new menu, available until 13 June. Say hello to a stripped back version with a new look, that includes an exciting new special, Moroccan the Boat!

This fantastic burger (pictured above) includes a Turmeric bun, Moroccan spiced beef, smoked Applewood cheese, harissa mayo, courgette fritti, rocket & pickled onions. The exciting flavours and differentiating bun makes this special, just that.

Priced at £9.95 on it’s own, or add fries and a drink for £14.95.

There are also two new burgers making an appearance – the Hot Diggity, with a chilli fried egg, basil mayo and habanero jam, and the specialty Greek Lamb, with buffalo meat patty, baconnaise and Red Leicester cheese. *lick lips*

A burger and fries wouldn’t be complete without a dessert! GBK are pulling out all the stops with a vanilla ice cream, almond biscotti, lemon and extra virgin olive oil milkshake. Looks great, tastes awesome.

Head to GBK Oxford Street now to get your burger ‘n’ fries fix – the gourmet way!