New Innovative ‘Perception’ Cocktail Menu

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The team at the Artesian bar have launched a hotly-anticipated innovative new cocktail menu based on the theme of ‘Perception’.

Over a year in the making, the team’s 20 new drinks continue to champion Artesian’s reputation for imagination and originality. The inventive menu challenges assumptions and marks a proud  new chapter in the bar’s history with the appointment of Dino Koletsas as Director of Bars and Gabor Fodor as Head Bartender.

We chatted with Gabor about the exciting new menu and more below.

Can you tell us about the journey you and the team had to create the new ‘perception’ menu?

It was a meticulous and thoroughly enjoyable process. The team and I wanted to come up with a name for the menu that would represent how we wanted the guest to feel – one word that would encapsulate the concept that we envisaged for Artesian. We tested a few names but ultimately ‘Perception’ emerged as the clear winner.

Where did the inspiration come from for this menu?

The aim was to create something that would not only taste fantastic and would wow the guest, but also that would elongate the Artesian experience. Something that would challenge the guests’ mind – to play between the boundaries of what they perceive the drink to be like and what we is actually served.

What is your favourite drink on the new menu and why?

It’s difficult to choose as  I love them all,  but I do have a soft spot for IPA – or International Phonetic Alphabet. It is a long whisky drink which uses unusual ingredients and is very refreshing. I also love La Penca de la Vida – a refreshing tequila based drink but with a smoky finish.

Presentation is a key element in the cocktail experience, how do you decide how to present each drink?

Deciding the presentation of the cocktails, the vessels and method of serving, is a unique and meticulous process. We want each and every cocktail to wow. We ensure the cocktails are presented in such a way that represents both our concept and the liquid itself.

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

We import a Hungarian bitter called ‘Unicum’. It has a very particular taste and is an interesting flavour to mix.

What are the cocktail trends for 2017?

Sustainability, using in house distillers and adopting a scientific approach in presentation….. think Bunsen Burners and other such laboratory equipment.

Plan your visit to the Artesian to enjoy five star service alongside a surprise and delight experience with a unique mix of innovation and creativity that each cocktail offers. The menu focuses on the rich history of cocktail-making, an unrivalled sensory experience and a huge range of quality ingredients from around the world, served hot, cold and somewhere in between.


The earthy yet refreshing Mind Your Step epitomises the essence of ‘Perception’, a rich and fruity mix of Ron Zacapa 23 Rum, Heron aged Pisco, tropical sour sop & orange blossom served in a broken glass, something you would not expect to find amidst the casual opulence of The Langham, garnished with edible shards.


The menu also features several nods to classic cocktails with unique twists on well-loved drinks, including Creative Maths, a light and aromatic Bulleit Rye Collins served with a Prairie Organic Martinez in two separate miniature copper stills. Enjoy each expertly crafted libation separately, or add another dimension by drinking both at the same time to experience a whole new class of cocktail.


Marvel at the mysterious Now You Don’t, showcasing the complexity of Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, both on its own and served negroni-style, with Mistelle, Amari, Port and a touch of Pythagorean magic, or open the Pandora’s box of Cocoon to find much more than just the delicately herbaceous cocktail of Tanqueray No. 10 Gin, fortified rose, lovage, bay & lemon thyme.


Throughout, the new menu is informed by the team’s intrinsic knowledge of their ingredients, with many inspired by particular spirits or categories. The Calm Before draws on the unique flavour palette of Talisker Storm Whisky, and its birthplace in north-western Scotland, by pairing it with Unicum, Vermouth, verjus, marsh samphire & rain to evoke the taste, smell and ambience of a restless storm. Similarly, La Penca de la Vida celebrates the agave plant in all its forms, combining Don Julio Blanco.

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Tequila, Montelobos Mezcal and a blend of Raicilla with homemade aloe soda and cactus essence, drunk straight from the heart of the agave.

For those looking for a lighter choice then then the new menu’s non-alcoholic offering, creating three inspired drinks, representing some of the team’s favourite dishes and flavours from around the world. The Throw Some Dough is a clarified fizz of tomato, carrot, chili, onion, oregano & quinine with a dash of chili, ideal for the Virgin Mary drinker. Enjoy the complexity of Awaiting Moses, made with beetroot, fig, salted caramel, verjus & fennel pollen, or opt for something lighter with the Som Tum, inspired by the Thai salad, an invigorating medley of papaya, chili, citrus, elderflower & holy basil, served in a teardrop glass with a Himalayan pink salt rim.