Test & Play in the Dyson Demo



Dyson recently opened its first British store and inside its tech wonderland is its first UK Dyson Demo experience. Get hands-on with all the latest tech including the sought after Dyson Supersonic, find out what happens in those top secret engineering labs and receive expert product advice.


Not just your average hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic boasts intelligent heat control for shine and reduces the time taken to dry your hair. But before you buy the product why not test it out and see the results for yourself, The Dyson Hair Salon on the first floor has a team of in-store hair stylist on hand to take care of you. We promise you’ll never look back.

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If its cleaning that’s on the mind then the test out a variety of vacuum cleaners in the demo area, with 4 different floor surfaces and 64 different varieties of dust and debris to clean up. You can also experience the Dyson 360 Eye, Dyson’s robotic vacuum cleaner. See it in action and how the machine intelligently navigates your home efficiently using its 360° vision system.

Visit the Dyson Store at 447 Oxford Street, London , W1C 2PR.