How-to stick at your fitness resolutions



Put away the party poppers, and hide the dregs from that Champagne bottle. I hate to state the obvious, but it’s the new year now, and it’s time to give your liver a break.

New year, new you. We’ve all said it before, but this year, make sure your resolutions don’t wane by the end of January and try to take enjoyment in your new routines. And so, if it’s a new found form of exercise that tickles your fancy, or perhaps a new-fangled diet, we’re here to make sticking to that resolution a little bit easier.


Step one is the easy bit: looking good. Helped by the ‘athleisure’ trend from the last few seasons, almost every high street store now sells this own line of fitnesswear. H&M and GapFit are worth a special mention, while Selfridges’ ‘BodyStudio’ – which opened last year – offers a one stop shop for a wide selection of new and interesting brands cherry-picked from around the globe. This month sees the opening of cult Canadian brand LuluLemon’s new London flagship store on Regent Street, while Asics, Adidas and Nike – who all provide both style and substance – can be found dotted along Oxford Street.

So you’ve got all the gear but no idea? Don’t panic — help is at hand. January will see Frame – London’s super cool gym group which focuses on feel-good, energetic and fun-filled classes – taking up a month’s Reset residency at Liberty. Whether its a Beyoncé dance workshop, or Yin Yoga relaxation class, they are sure to get your mind, body and soul ready for the year to come. Looking for something more permanent? I can attest to the magic that happens in Ten (Hanover Square); the dynamic pilates studio does wonders for health and fitness, not to mention posture and spinal wellbeing. Tuned into the busy lives we lead, Ten’s classes improve flexibility, core stability and posture (something that we all need to work on), keeping the body mobile and helping prevent or minimise the likelihood of injury.

Round the corner is Barecorre (Cavendish Square) which is taking traditional ballet principles and applying them to modern needs; with a long roster of celebrity fans, the low-impact, fast-result classes based around the ballet barre is proving a hit with those looking to get into shape, quickly.

Eating out – and well – doesn’t have to be a distant memory. Restaurants for the health- and body-conscious are cropping up across the capital. Two stand out venues are Ethos (Eastcastle Street) and Vitao (Oxford Street). Ethos offers a diverse and creative vegetarian menu; no uninspiring tofu dishes that feel like you’re gnawing on a piece of cardboard here. Take it one step further at Vitao; only serving food and drink that are vegan, gluten-free and free-from refined sugar, the second opening in the Vantra chain is the ultimate go-to if your body is a temple.

So you have no ‘I-don’t-know-what-I’m-looking-for’ excuses, no poor ‘I-don’t-know-where-to-find-it’ justifications and certainly don’t want to hear ‘it’s-not-the-right-time-to-start’. See you in the gym.


Sophie Warburton, The Daily Telegraph

Sophie Warburton is the Style Editor at The Daily Telegraph, where she covers both menswear and womesnwear across both the newspaper and weekend magazines. After studying History of Art at university, she worked at The Times before joining the Telegraph in 2011.