The Spring Residence at John Lewis


Last year John Lewis unveiled ‘The Residence’ an in store apartment, decorated head to toe in John Lewis items.


The Residence has now had a spring makeover, transforming it into a vibrant space filled with greenery for you to go take a break from shopping, relax and feel energised.


A sensory experience that starts with different smells to excite the senses, the apartment is curated with hero and exclusive pieces to inspire your home with all items found in store should you find something you love. Explore the five senses on your own or the Brand Ambassadors are on hand to take you on tour of the five senses.


Smell: Each room to have a different scent provided by Heyland and Whittle. Heyland & Whittle have created a new range of Home Solution Fragrances to help you manage everyday aroma challenges in the home.

Touch: Croft Collection celebrates authenticity and craftsmanship through timeless, considered pieces made with integrity. Cushions and throws in fabrics like chunky knit cotton and herringbone linen to sofas and armchairs for a homely, farmhouse feel. Discover a range of earthenware vases and pottery that can easily be incorporated into your home style.

Sound: Music played via John Lewis Polka Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Sound will be played in each room offering a different experience.

Taste: Visit in the morning and enjoy a complimentary Waitrose cereal bar plus a coffee made with our exclusive-to-John Lewis Nespresso coffee machine. In the afternoon, a complimentary Waitrose chocolate bar is up for grabs.

Sight: The lighting in The Residence is Phillips Hue Smart Home lighting which offers 4 ‘Light Recipes’ to help get  the best light for whatever you do. ‘Energise’ bathes you in cool and vibrant light for that extra boost. ‘Concentrate’ enables you to focus and get your work done with finely tuned bright white light. ‘Read’ gives the optimal warm white light that does not strain your eyes – perfect for that good read. ‘Relax’ helps you to unwind with a soft glow of warm white light. You can also set the right ambience for any moment with a range of beautiful, natural white LED light. This can all be done using an app on your smart device to set any shade of white light, from cool energising daylight (6500K) to relaxing warm white light (2200K).

John Lewis will be hosting special events and launches in The Residence so stay tuned to find out more and get involved.  Share your visit with us @OxfordStreetW1.