Review: Experience Tranquility at Lush Spa



This month’s review is of the much loved, secret hideaway that is Lush Spa. We have been lucky enough to visit Lush’s hidden (and hugely impressive) spa found here on Oxford Street. Lush have eight spa locations across Britain, only one of these being in London. The Oxford Street spa is inspired by an English countryside cottage. Situated underneath the store, it is incredibly peaceful. Upon entering, it truly feels like you’ve escaped from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street to a warm and tranquil country cottage. There are four luxury treatment rooms in the spa. One of which has two beds which makes it the perfect place to share the experience with your partner or with friends and family. There are several sensory spa treatments to choose from, each of them being carefully curated to bring all the senses together and transform your mind and body.



At the beginning of every treatment, a consultation with your therapist takes place. Here you have the opportunity to get to know them and understand the experience in further detail. Each and every treatment in this spa is truly unique. There are stories behind every treatment. One of our particular favourites, ‘The Spell’, is a reflexology inspired treatment that uses the ancient art of treating the body through the feet to spirit away your worries and relieve all tension. Upon consultation, you are asked to write your worries down on paper. No one sees it, it is put into a pot and the therapist burns the worry. This allows you to move forward with purpose and leave all worries behind. It is deeply relaxing, but also grounding, clearing and liberating to leave you feeling light on your feet.



A couple of the treatments are less private than others. These are easily bookable and take place on the shop floor. You do not have to book these so far in advance. If you are lucky, you can pop into the store and experience a treatment that very day! For those of you thinking about hosting an event, Lush open their spa for people to enjoy a spa party. From baby showers to hen parties, they can host it all. The experience generally lasts for around 3 hours and every minute of it is hugely enjoyable for all.


Due to the high demand for treatments at the spa, you should aim to book about 4 weeks in advance… who doesn’t love having something to look forward to. If you fancy treating a special someone to a treatment, gift cards are available. They are the ultimate present. Trust us, you are guaranteed to leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and full of energy.


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