Review: Hush


This month’s spotlight goes to the Hush, which is nestled in the cute cobbled streets of Lancashire Court just 5 minutes from Oxford Street. We recently wrote about the restaurants Rivera makeover (there until 8 September) so it made sense to plan a trip to experience the menu of this Mayfair restaurant.

Arriving to the restaurant you feel like you’ve discovered a Londoner’s secret. Hush has great outdoor dining, perfect for those warm evenings and thanks to its outdoor heating and canopies it stays open all year round.

Photo 25-08-2017, 19 37 39

The Rivera decorations provide a fun back drop and you almost feel like you’ve been transported to the glamorous Côte d’Azur.

Photo 25-08-2017, 19 53 20

The menu isn’t an overcomplicated one, great if like us you find it hard to make decisions. Spoilt with the choice our waiter, Pablo suggested 3 small plates to try.

The Tuna Tartare – served on top of chunks of avocado and with ponzu which packed a citrus flavour.

Photo 25-08-2017, 20 28 04

The Burrata, this is the best type of mozzarella with that delicate flavour and soft filling. Served with almonds, honey, thyme for crunch and sweetness.

Photo 25-08-2017, 20 28 10

The Plancha Tiger Prawns, these were topped with a warming, delicious chilli dressing. These were very moreish and unexpectedly went well with the Burrata.

Photo 25-08-2017, 20 28 17

From excellent seafood, we moved on to Hush’s melt in the mouth meats. Trying the Fillet Steak and Veal Chop.

Photo 25-08-2017, 20 28 41

The pictures really don’t do the flavours or the smell that wafted our way justice. Both dishes were cooked to perfection, the veal chop pink and served with wild mushrooms that were earthy and juicy. The madeira jus complemented the steak to a T and the rosti was golden.

Photo 25-08-2017, 21 01 52

Pablo’s knowledge of the wines took the stress away from choosing and he recommend a Portuguese white wine to have with our mains. The Douro Superior White is a smooth, dry wine with slight floral that made for very enjoyable drinking.

The pièce de résistance was the Mars Bar Cheesecake. Served naked – without the chocolate which was served warm. Giving you the chance to smother your dessert in as much sauce as you like (we opted for all obviously), this was served with praline ice cream. This dessert is much try – you won’t regret it.

Photo 25-08-2017, 22 12 17

Hush is a sophisticated restaurant with exceptional food from beginning to end alongside top-class friendly service – we can’t fault this restaurant. If you’re looking for your next place to try, it’s time to book your table to Hush, perfect for date night, birthdays, anniversary or a long-awaited catch up.