Review: ‘Casa De Cuba’ @ The Churchill Bar


We have been lucky enough to go and check out the award-winning London terrace that has been transformed for Summer into a vibrant Cuban sanctuary. The Churchill Bar & Terrace has been designed with a young Winston Churchill and his beloved wife in mind. The inspiration for Casa De Cuba comes from Sir Winston Churchill’s travels to Cuba which first took place in 1895 where he observed the Cuban Independence War. This trip marked Churchill’s first ever adventure outside of Europe and was the first of many. Sit back, relax and explore their brand new cocktail menu carefully curated by their Head Bartender, Daniele Bresciani, in this tropical paradise. You’re likely to spot the life-size statue of Sir Winston Churchill sat in the corner enjoying this haven, cigar and drink in hand!



Upon entering, we instantly noticed the lavish interiors with soft velvet cushions covered in golden pineapple prints mixed with old lanterns and beautiful wicker tables, pulling together both traditional and modern. We looked through the drinks menu which was detailed and had a fantastic selection to choose from.  From vintage wines to Cuban cocktails, they have it all and it’s evident that a lot of thought has gone into every cocktail. We were after three cocktails guaranteed to wow us and make us feel as though we’d been transported to Cuba! The bartender was very knowledgeable and inspiring, he knew exactly what we were after. The first of the cocktails he served up was called the ‘Coco Fuego’ and was served in a coconut! This cocktail is a mix between a Saoco, which is a very old Cuban classic cocktail, and a Pina Colada (which we all know and love). The mixture of coconut cream and chilli in the Coco Fuego gave the drink a creamy but spicy taste which was divine. For those who like a bit of a kick, this is the cocktail for you!



The second of our cocktails was called ‘Las Terrazas’. The name for this drink originates from a village in Cuba which was built around the concept of sustainability. The village was filled with artists, musicians, coffee growers and an architecturally unique hotel. This cocktail is dedicated to this village that still exists and is quietly practicing its Cuban-style sustainability. If you’re a fan of tequila, you will love this one! This cocktail is a bit more umami and unusual. It has the perfect concoction of sweet and sour.



Our final choice was the ‘Little Mary’. Mary Pickford was an American actress and a good friend of Charlie Chaplin and she visited Cuba to shoot a new movie in the early 1920’s. She stayed at hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana and had the pleasure of meeting the Head Bartender, Fread Kaufman, who designed a drink especially for her. This was named the Mary Pickford. The Churchill Bar have twisted this a little by adding some Cuban ingredients to make it taste very refreshing and unique.



It doesn’t stop there… as well as being the perfect spot to stop by for a drink (or two… maybe even three?!), The Churchill Bar also serves up Cuban food specialities, these include a classic Cubanito Baguette Sandwich, fried Plantains, grilled Gambas and Huevo Habanero. Top it all off by treating yourself to some Cuban Churros with a Cinammon and Vanilla dip. Delicious!

Located only a short walk from Selfridges on Oxford Street, this little slice of paradise is bound to be a hit in the Summer months. Whether you’re looking for a quick drink or you’re celebrating a special occasion, the vast menu and idyllic setting is bound to satisfy just what you’re after.