Pizza Hut



Forget what you thought you knew about Pizza Hut because with its new menu and brand refresh, it’s time to make some new memories to add to your repertoire of pizza nostalgia. The menu is extensive and has lots of great options to choose from with pizza, pasta, and even ribs. There’s also a healthier option of pizzas under 500 calories which are ideal for those looking for a light meal.


The décor at the Oxford Street restaurant is bold, playful, includes neon lights and Marvel inspired superheroes artwork on the walls. We visited on a Friday evening and the restaurant was buzzing, with a mix of friends and families enjoying birthday celebrations and casual dinners. We joined in the fun and opted for prosecco to get our pizza party started.


For starters we tried the brand new and super tasty Hot Crisps ‘n Cheese, which are similar to nachos, they were flavoured with paprika and topped with extremely gooey and warm cheese – what’s not to love! We also tried the Popcorn Shrimp, the shrimp were a good size and not like those teeny-tiny ones you can sometimes end up with. And the Jalapeno Poppers, also new on the menu but a solid favourite amongst us as they had a crispy outer that was met with a creamy cheese and little kick of space from the pepper.


No matter what you choose on the menu, you get free all you can eat salad from the ‘pick n mix’ salad bar, obviously this is an instant winner. However we advise that you don’t get too excited and load up on too much green goodness as you’ll want to leave plenty of room for pizza and pudding -trust us! The pizza options and combos are endless as you can choose from a variety of toppings and crusts as well having the option to make your pizza half and half which is great for sharing. Along with our pizza mains we ordered another newbie from the menu, FRICKLES. Yes you guessed it right, that’s a fried pickle and it’s an extremely enjoyable side to your main.


Keeping it varied we choose the Chef’s Special, Californian King of the Coast on an ultimate thin crust which had a creamy sauce instead of the traditional tomato base. The flavours were brilliantly balanced with the selection of veg and the thin base was so light and super easy to fold – if like us you like to eat with your hands.  The Heavenly Veg had goats cheese, olives, rocket, tomatoes and caramelised onions – the perfect Mediterranean feast. Made on the American thin crust which is a lot fluffier than the ultimate but still offers minimal crust.


While thin pizzas have their delicious place, nothing quite comes close to Pizza Hut’s signature style of a Deep Pan crust pizza. This is what sets them apart from the competition. The soft and squidgy crust is moreish and not at all greasy like we had remembered from our youth. We topped our deep pan with lots of cheese and vegetables, opting for the Veggie pizza.


If you can make room for dessert, then here’s what we recommend. You have to try the Salted Caramel Cookie Dough which is a roller coaster for the taste buds with hot cookie dough, cold vanilla ice cream contrasted with the salty caramel and sweet cookie.


The iconic Ice Cream factory needs no introduction as another signature from Pizza Hut that never disappoints with unlimited soft serve ice cream and your favourite toppings and sauces to decorate as you please. The Vanilla cheesecake came with lashings of chocolate sauce and wonderfully indulgent.

Pizza Hut is the perfect place to enjoy an Italian feast with the family on special occasions, with your friends for a lunchtime catch up or before hitting the bars of Soho. Try out the newness for yourself and plan your trip to Pizza Hut, Oxford Street today.

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