Our guide to getting a good night’s sleep



Sleep is integral to a healthy lifestyle and it is becoming clear that the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are far greater than we ever thought. 

If you Google the phrase ‘Sleep Hygiene’ it comes up with a massive 105,000,000 results, proving just how important a good bedtime routine is to us all. The phrase refers to a variety of different practices and habits we adopt to get a good night’s rest. They can consist of anything from turning your phone off half an hour before bed, limiting stimulants later on in the day, like alcohol and caffeine, and ensuring you keep up a regular exercise routine. Adopting these healthy habits are important, but so is making sure you are armed with the best sleep products available. To celebrate ‘National Sleep Awareness Week’ in March, we have rounded up the best below.



Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

Lavender is known to help encourage sleep and this body lotion is a luxurious way to moisturise your skin and help you get some z’s! Be sure to pick some up next time you’re on Oxford Street.



Morris & Co. Velvet Lavender Scented Eye Mask from John Lewis & Partners

According to Sleep Foundation, making sure that your sleep environment is pleasant is extra important! Mattress and pillows should be comfortable, the bedroom should be cool and bright lights from lamps, cell phone and TV screens should be turned off or adjusted where possible. To ensure that you are sleeping in complete darkness, why not take their advice in style and get this gorgeous eye mask set from M&S. Better yet, it’s lavender scented!



Thisworks Pillow Spray at M&S

Seriously… THIS DOES WORK! This gorgeous smelling spray has a string of fans claiming that this has helped them fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed! Not much else to say other than this is a product you cannot do without!



Polo Ralph Lauren Cotton PJ’s at Selfridges 

Nothing says a good night’s sleep like a comfy pair of PJ’s. Thankfully the above, made by Ralph Lauren, are stylish while also keeping you cool at night with their light, breathable fabric and short trousers.


Silk Pillow Case at John Lewis & Partners

Blissfully smooth and naturally breathable, silk bed linen is renowned for its skin and hair benefits, feeling luxurious and soothing to the touch. It also stays at the right temperature, ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible!