New Nourish Bowls at M&S


January can be difficult month, recovering from the indulgence of Christmas time and looking for a health kick. Fortunately, Marks & Spencer have delivered a technicolor food adventure which will make breakfast, lunch and snacking vibrant, healthy and delicious.

Get inspired with their video below:

We want to draw particular attention to its new Nourish Bowls. Each bowl follows M&S’s eat well principles of nourishing ingredients and wholegrain goodness, and is packed with vegetables – all that’s left is to figure out which one will be your favourite.

Edamame and Black Rice Nourish Bowl


One for vegans or for anyone wanting to try something new, this bowl is packed with a combination of vibrant veg and protein-rich ingredients that make for a satisfying lunch. Fill up on plant-based proteins edamame and cashews, while black rice – which retains the outer skin of the grain – provides delicious wholegrain goodness. Spinach, kale, carrot and beetroot have been specially selected to help you feel full of vitality, and the seaweed gives the dish a gentle, salty seasoning.

Avocado and Egg Nourish Bowl


Perfect for that post-workout lunch, this nourish bowl is nutrient-rich so will help give your body the energy it needs. Taking the classic combination of avocado, with its healthy fats, and protein-rich egg to another level by combining them with sorghum – a wholegrain similar to pearl barley. All that foodie goodness is arranged around a creamy cashew nut dip and sprinkled with fibrous golden linseeds for added crunch.

Hot Nourish Bowls


When it’s cold outside, sometimes a salad doesn’t hold much appeal. And that’s why M&S have developed a range of hot Nourish Bowls. Each bowl is inspired by flavours from either Mexico, the med or Asia and is made with a wholesome base of chicken and quinoa, layered with different veg. We love the the punchy chilli and ginger sauce in the Asian bowl.

Bon appetit!