Ma’ Plucker


If you love chicken? You’re going to love our OXST hotspot restaurant of the month – Ma’ Plucker. Nestled in the heart of Soho and moments away from Oxford Street, this cute American diner boasts about its chicken three ways for a reason!


The menu involves following a three step process to selecting your perfect dish. First choose your chicken, here is where you have to make the difficult decision of whether to go for rotisserie chicken which is rubbed generously with chipotle, crispy coated buttermilk wings, thigh or breast or hickory spiced pulled chicken. For all you cheese fans or veggies there’s crispy coated halloumi.

Next, choose your base, do you want your chicken with a fresh salad, house bun or maple waffles – again another crucial component to your ultimate chicken feast. And finally choose your sauce, either chicken skin gravy, chipotle chilli sauce, Kansas BBQ, herb dressing or maple chili glaze.


Whilst we mulled over the menu we ordered the frozen margaritas, which came filled to the top and enough tequila to blow your mind. We finally settled on pulled chicken with maple waffles and chipotle chill sauce.


Three really is the magic number. This dish was magical from beginning to end, the pulled chicken was packed full of flavour and super juicy as you’d expect. Sweet and savoury is a real American-must so the sweet maple syrup soaked soft waffles with the spicy chipotle and hickory bbq chicken was de-ee-licious.

Our waitress recommended the best sellers; buttermilk chicken and halloumi bun and the crack & cheeze so we thought we better put these to the Oxford Street taste test.


What’s Crack & Cheeze you ask? It’s none other than a ball of gooey mac n cheese that’s been covered in breadcrumbs and fried. Literally heaven!


The burger is so tall you need to give it a good squish down so you can attempt to eat it with your hands, the only way a real burger should be eaten of course. The salty halloumi sits on top of the buttery and crispy chicken which sits on top of moist and crunchy coleslaw and lettuce. This is one hell of a burger, each mouthful is great.

Finding space to try out the dessert menu, it was strongly recommended we try the donuts – a Ma’ Plucker specialty. We also ordered the chocolate brownie.


The brownie arrive as a nice big wedge of chocolate goodness and whilst it was a solid dessert it was immediately over shadowed by the donuts. Arriving in a sundae glass the mini, sugar coated and warm donuts are served with salted caramel sauce on the side. Pour that sauce all over the donuts and then you’re in for an A* pudding that you’ll not want to share so make sure you don’t make our mistake and order one each. And they saved the best till last…

We call it the donut godfather.


Ma’ Plucker is top spot for a feast with your friends, date night or a shopping pit-stop. Grab a frozen margarita and a sundae of donuts and you’ll be on top form to continue your spree. Ready to try chicken three ways? Book your table here.

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