Lush Valentines 2019 Collection


It’s time to get fruity this Valentine’s Day! We take a look at the new products from Lush…

Going naked is always a good idea. If you want to spread your love a little further and show some care to the environment this year, these packaging-free products from Lush are the perfect pick. We’ve picked our favourites from the cheeky, new Lush Valentines Collection, which can now be found in store on Oxford Street. So, if you cant say it in words, say it with a bath bomb.


Peachy bath bomb £3.95 / each

“Give a peach of your heart to someone you love this Valentine’s day. This cheeky number fizzes slowly in the bath releasing bursts of juicy grapefruit and sweet davana. Swoon over pink swirls of colour swirling around you in the water. This is the perfect sweet treat!”


Aubergine bath bomb £3.95 / each

“Because sometimes words just aren’t enough. After swiping right, the easiest way to express our feelings is with the power of an emoji. This steamy bath bomb emits scents of uplifting bergamot and fruity ho wood. Created with tongues planted firmly in cheeks, Aubergine will shoot green and blue foam from both ends. Give someone the gift of a fast fizzing tip filled with tonka and litsea.”

Big Banana massage bar £5.95 / each

“Rub this massage bar the right way all over your skin. Hydrating cocoa and shea butter melt on your skin, as the night heats up. Spicy clove bud oil and refreshing Brazilian orange oil will help stimulate and rejuvenate.”


Six bubble bar £5.50 / each

“If you need some love like you’ve never needed love before, let two of these bubble numbers become one! Looking for a gift? With two colours to choose from, whichever way you look at it, someone’s always happy! Let spicy clove bud and floral ylang-ylang bubbles linger on the skin, leaving you smelling saucy and feeling sixy!”

Love Boat bath bomb £4.50 / each

“Set sail over the sweet orange and Sicilian lemon oil seas, for an uplifting cruise to love island. Whether you’re testing the waters of a new relation-ship, or it’s a bit rocky, board this boat for fruity frills. Place into hot water for a bath that will anchor thoughts and take you down the river for a scentsational ride.”

Love Island sugar scrub £3.50 / each

“If you’re set for a trip to the island of love, you’ll want to prepare your skin for a potential couple-up. Sand, sea salt and sugar provide a vigorous scrub to leave your skin touchably smooth. Let the spiciness of this naked number give you a glow in all your glory, with hints of the crisp scent of apple for an added zing.”

Love Token reusable bubble bar £4.95 / each

“There are a hundred wonderful ways to show your love, but a golden token is definitely up there as one of the best! Say thank you to someone you love with this luxurious, gold lustre-covered reusable bubble bar, to be held under running water for a generous stream of pine and clove bubbles. Warm up someone’s day with the rich aroma of homemade biscuits. The strong evocative scent of ginger lingers on the skin reminiscent of warm nights by the fire.”

Open Your Heart bubble bar £4.95 / each

“Hook the one you’re mad on with this spicy cardamom and sensual sandalwood bubble bar, perfect for sharing a candlelit soak. One is such a lonely number, so why not grab a golden pair? Use one half or both for a Valentine’s bath you won’t forget in a hurry. Golden lustre shimmers in the water, while softening murumuru and Fair Trade cocoa butter serenade your skin. Don’t try to resist.”