Key AW20 Trends from London Fashion Week



London Fashion week has just passed and what an amazing event it was! On the runway there was returning favourites, up and coming newbies and more. Plus, lets not forget the amazing fashion filling the streets. No other time of year do you see city workers in their suits mixed in with the daring fashionistas of London Fashion Week, where you can come across anything from high-fashion goths to couples wearing matching leather suits. 

Streetwear aside, let’s take a look at the top trends that came out of this years runway looks. We have rounded up the top 4 for you below so can you be ready for the AW Winter season before it has even begun.


That Suits You

Workwear chic never goes out of style, and the variety of suits on the catwalk this year prove this. From wrap details to relaxed fits to high-fashion tailoring, there is a suit out there for everyone. We suggest heading out and buying your work ready suit on Oxford Street today!


Hanging on by a Thread

Spaghetti straps, harness details and barely there dresses filled the runway this year. It was great to see this trend being showcased both as soft glamour and as a racy statement. It may seem like a daring winter choice, but you are sure to stand out from the crowd by taking inspiration from any of these glamourous looks.


Less is NOT More

We’re sure many of you remember ‘that’ Killing Eve dress, with the unforgettable pink frills? Well, the runway this year was filled with similar, dress up box style dresses that will wow at any party! Bright colours, big skirts and a touch of fashion whimsy are key to this trend and we can’t wait to see more of it on the high street.


Plaid & Tartan Dreaming

Mixing and matching your tartan and plaid is sure to be a hit this upcoming A/W season. With bright hues and more subdued beige tones, there is a wide variety of ways to wear this quintessential pattern. We are loving seeing such a classic style take a more modern approach.