If you enjoy the delights of Asian cuisine, read on. This month we check out renowned Pan Asian restaurant Cocochan, located in the al fresco hub known as St Christopher’s Place just moments away from Oxford Street. And we’re giving you the chance to win diner for two at Cocochan, you can enter here.

The staff give a warm welcome as you arrive and you can take the choice of dining outside or in the restaurant. The menu is a plethora of eye-catching and mouth- watering choices and this also extends to the cocktail list!


Upon recommendation we choose two from the signature cocktails. The Matcha Sapphire, the key ingredient of Matcha is filled with health benefits. High in antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy Levels and endurance, along with the Bombay Sapphire gin, home‐ made lemon sherbet & organic white chocolate – it’s a rescue remedy in a cocktail glass!

Miss Cocochan Martini is like a liquid fruit pastel, made with fresh lychees & raspberries shaken with Finlandia vodka and served in Martini glass.


It was very hard to narrow down all the delicious dishes we wanted to try, so we decided to share so we could try more. Great logic when dining out with friends. For our starters we had all of this…

Crispy Aromatic Duck Rolls, Tuna and Salmon Tartar and Yellowtail Ura Maki, Truffle Pearls Sushi. As these all arrived, Alessandro our waiter kindly suggested that we start with the duck first then move on to the fish.


Confit duck fills the crispy and light pastry rolls and in the middle is a chunky stick of cucumber so you can get indulge in your hoisin duck desires.


Tartar is not for everyone but if you want to try it then Cocochan is definitely the place. The tuna and salmon are balanced brilliantly and are so light in flavour. Separated by a smooth and creamy avocado, the dish is perfect for those who like a light lunch – and fish.


The Yellowtail sushi was another recommendation we received and we must now pass this on to you! This dish was incredible we could have eaten a whole platter. The rice was perfectly sticky and light at the same time. Topped with truffle pearls and served with truffle infused soy made this dish even more exciting, we’ll be ordering this on our next visit.

lobster noodle

For our main course we got to try something from the new menu, XO Lobster with Glass Noodles and Truffle Pearls. Beautifully served in a curved plate, chunks of succulent Canadian lobster and the noodles are wok grilled in XO sauce which brings a warmth and subtle spice to the dish. Accompanied with dry shrimp, ginger, garlic and spring onion is a smoky flavour that transports you to Asia.


For dessert, Alessandro helped guide us on what to try. The Chocolate Fondant and a signature Japanese dessert of Mochi Mochi.

The chocolate fondant was perfectly indulgent, as it oozed with rich dark chocolate. To our surprise it was served with popcorn ice cream, and yes it is as incredible as it sounds. The Mochi Mochi is ice cream encased in pounded sticky rice, known as mochi. This was very reminiscent of the childhood favourite of jelly and ice cream but with more sophistication as we tried the hazelnut and Matcha flavours.

Cocochan is an absolute must-visit if you’re into sushi, noodles and anything Asian inspired. Providing perfect light lunch options as well as 3 course luxury for those nights out, we suggest you round up your mate or date and book yourself in for an experience we’re sure you’ll not stop talking about. You can also enter our competition to win dinner for two at Cocochan HERE!